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PingBetter Launcher accommodates non-technical and advanced gamers alike. It is as simple as downloading, installing and connecting.

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PingBetter Launcher is packed full of features, from Using Your Own IP to Graphing Your Game Data going through a PingBetter Server.

Auto / Manual Server Selection

Let PingBetter Launcher automatically pick the best server to lower your ping, or manually choose your favourite.
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David says

Very good Tool, Reduced my Aion lag from 556ms to 227ms cant live without it now! - David

Mitchan says

Hello. I just want to give pingbetter a 2 thumbs up. Thanks - Mitchan

Thomas says

Great program, stops the ping and the d/c issues - Thomas

Kevin says

Ca dépasse plus 300ms alors qu'avant je montais á 80000ms! - Kevin

Joshua says

Really tidy Userinterface... Great stuff - Joshua

Renny says

I wanted to commend you, as all the installation and the UI of the app is impeccable - Renny

009 says

Been using another service for a couple years now and will defiantly be dropping that and paying for PB when it's out of beta. I find your layout/design much more appealing to look at, not to mention the simplicity of the program. - 009

Renny says

The "Use your own IP technology is great with blizzards new IP tracking features which block your IP if it changes after many logins" - Renny

Oday says

I have played with yellow for as long as I can remember; I am green now, GO GO GO Your my heroes! - Oday

Timothy says

PingBetter has made my online experience enjoyable instead of just spending my time dc'ing - Timothy

Edrick says

After using trial time, lower my AION ping from 884ms to 466ms. This was great and I have 2 thumbs up. I play AION much better than before. No lag at all..Thanks for this.. - Edrick

David says

Still loving PingBetter, Most of the players in my Legion have swtiched even from paid accounts with another company. - David

How Does It Lower My Ping?

PingBetter improves performance by routing your games data through an encrypted tunnel via a PingBetter Server. These servers are optimally located geographically, relative to the game server or realm you play in.

Who is PingBetter?

PingBetter is dedicated to providing a quality service to both hardcore gamers and more casual players alike. We have many years of gaming experience behind us and understand the issues that affect MMORPG game players.

What is PingBetter?

PingBetter is a high quality game proxy service, dedicated to providing reduced latency or 'ping', for online game players. The service is safe, easy to use and it does not infringe your game manufacturers licence agreement. PingBetter initially started in 2008 as a private service and released PingBetter Launcher in 2010.